Thursday, 28 April 2016

Painting Word Bearers

So the first step is to base the model in your choice of primer. I chose Army Painter's Pure Red because I think it makes the base colour stand out a lot more.

Step 2: Paint the armour with Khorne Red

Step 3: Paint all the metal areas using Leadbelcher

Step 4: Wash all the metal areas with Nuln Oil and also apply to the recesses

Step 5: Highlight all metal areas using Runefang Steel

Step 6: Apply the first highlight of Mephiston Red

Step 7: Apply a highlight of Evil Sunz Scarlet making sure to leave the Mephiston Red showing towards the edges

Step 8: Finally paint Troll Slayer Orange over the previous highlights, again leaving the previous two highlights showing towards the edges

And that's it. Hope this helps someone to paint Word Bearers. Of course you can do it however you wish and don'd have to use the Troll Slayer Orange if you want a darker looking army. All that is left for this model is the arms (obviously) and the battle damage.

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