Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Diabolist WIP

So this is how the Diabolist conversion worked out. Worst parts were cutting the helm down at the bottom so it would fit inside Cassius' torso and also cutting the armour from the Deathwatch cloak so it would fit on the back of the model. I didn't want him to be holding a gun so I may make a servo skull that holds his gun alongside him.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Cataphractii Terminators Complete

Did a little work on the Cataphractii today and managed to get the last of them finished. I may yet add a few more decals to them, maybe a few daemonic markings or Colchisian script on the knee plates and some script on the tops of their armour. For the moment though I am calling them finished as I have way too much on my painting table and really need to get a move on. I will neeed to get them a Land Raider but that will wait until I have finished the Veterans and the first five of my Plasma Support Squad.

I have also ordered the cloak from the Deathwatch Killt Team box, Ortan Cassius from the Overkill box set and a Warp Talon head for a conversion based on this guy for my Diabolist: 

Anyway thats all for now. More to come :)

Friday, 2 September 2016

Adding Decals - Part 1

I have been adding the transfers from the BaC box to my Word Bearers. It is still a pain to get them to sit right on shoulder pads but that's for a later update. I wanted to get the Rhino's done as these along with the Gal Vorbak were some of my first models in this army.

Very pleased with how they turned out.