Sunday, 30 October 2016

Night Lords Sergeant #3 Finished

Ok so I have finished the latest Sergeant for my Night Lords. This is one of my favourite models to date, very happy with the pose and how the loin cloth came out. I filed down the chaos markings on the Raptor chainsword so it was a little more 'plain'. The loincloth is a cast from one of the Black Templar tabards and then pushed into place with a silicon shaper.

The head is from the Chaplain Cassius model  with the bottom connector removed so it fits into the MKIV torso.

I have also received my copy of Burning of Prospero, It is brilliant in my opinion. So many parts for me to play around with it's not even funny. On that note my next three marines have been assembled and are nearly ready to go.

I have a small amount of clean up to do on these and then decide whether to add a few more skulls and bits. I may not add any of those bits to these guys as they all have the flayed skin on shoulders and under the leather straps on one guy. I am really looking forward to painting MKIII terror masks.


Monday, 24 October 2016

Night Lords Sergeant #2 Finished

I have finished the second Sergeant for the army. I am really chuffed with this one. The advice I got for painting the shoulder as cloth has really paid off so thanks for that :), I used the backpack from the new Deathwatch Chaplain Cassius model that I had left over from a previous conversion (Word Bearers Diobalist).

The Chainglaive i am particularly happy with though now that it is painted I can see there is a slight bend in it. We live and learn though and I am not going to take him apart to correct the problem.

I normally name a model using my screen name for each of my armies that I do so may I present Nemac Vradon, Headsman of the VIII Legion Night Lords:

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Night Lord's Sergeant #2 WIP

So having finished the first unit of Night Lords, I have started working on the second. Beginning with the Sergeant. I wanted to try my hand at converting a Nostramen Chain Glaive and I think it came out pretty well.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Night Lord #4 Finished

I have finished the fourth member of the Night Lord's warband. I really enjoyed making this guy and am very pleased with him. I removed the skulls on his belt from a spare backpack from the Sevastus Kranon model from Dark Vengeance. The shoulder was made by cutting the face from a Space Wolves head I had laying around and then spreading out the green stuff around it and pulling with a silicon shaper. I think next time I will remove the chin also so it sits flatter against the shoulder guard.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Night Lord #3 In Progress

Number three is under way. This is the weapons specialist and will be armed with a flamer. Next step is to finish off the bronze and then start filling in the areas that will be Leadbelcher and of course washes over those areas. Agrax for the bronze and Nuln oil for the other metal areas.

The lightning on the head isn't that funny shape as the picture shows, It's just where the light has hit the helmet and distorted it. I'll endeavour to take a photo on my next update that doesn't make the detail on the head look wrong.

Night Lord #2 Finished

The second Night Lord for my first squad is done. I modelled the skin fetishes using green stuff and the combat blade is from the Space Wolves sprue.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Night Lords Sergeant Finished

I have finished my Night Lords sergeant test model today and am really pleased with it. I also fiddled around with Autodesk Pixlr for a bit of added effect :)

And the original with just the borders added:

And work begins on the second dude...

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Night Lords Allies

Ok, so I tried painting a Night Lord a while ago for 40k but It wasnt my best and decided to shelve the idea. This morning while painting a Broodlord from Space Hulk I thought the colour could work well on a Night Lords marine. Here is the result so far:

This is the test model and I'm much happier with how this turned out, so much so that I decided to do some Distrusted Allies for my Word Bearers.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Imperial and Renegade Knights

I have recently finished a couple of Knight Titans, one Renegade and one Mechanicum Imperial, both of which I will not be keeping for myself but were still fun to paint.


Litany of Destruction Renegade:

I already have my own Renegade Knight so this was painted just for fun and will end up on eBay i should imagine. Maybe someone will get some use out of it rather then having it collecting dust on my shelf.