Sunday, 29 May 2016

Litany of Destruction Complete!

Afternoon folks!

I have this morning completed the Litany of Destruction. I found some Cadian parts in one of my bits boxes so decided to attempt a scared trooper and I feel it came out quite well. I have painted him as a Calth PDF trooper. I have no clue what colour the Calth PDF wear but decided to go with blue overalls and white armour.

This has been amazing fun to paint and overall I'm very happy with how it's turned out. Also I'd like to say thanks for all the comments and advice you have given me during this project. I don't think it would have finished up half as well without it :D

And pictures:

C&C welcome as always!


Friday, 27 May 2016

Another Option for the Pose

Litany of Destruction Starting to Take Shape!

Ok folks I need a little bit of help but more on that in a moment! First I have finished the Shield and added some dangling skulls on chains to the tabard for that little extra something. I am probably not going to add the Chaos star to the shield because the red stripe will probably make it look very unpronounced and so I don't think it will add anything to the model. Instead I will add more Chaos symbols to the right shoulder guard to make up for it.

So the issue I'm faced with is the positioning of the Thermal Cannon arm and the head:

First option is looking down at enemy infantry ready to blast a massive hole in the ground and them along with it. I kind of like this pose because of the position of the leg it looks that much more menacing.

The second option is as I mentioned in a previous post of having the cannon extended as far as I could and the head facing in exactly that direction:

So yea, any thoughts on which you prefer would be much appreciated!

C&C always welcome.


Time for the Right Arm!

I have done a bit of work on the right arm, extending the pistons to get a more direct shooting pose. Unfortunately there isn't much room for manoeuvre with the lower joint so I have had to cut away a bit of the plastic but that is hidden inside the arm now which worked out quite well.

I was only able to extend the pistons by about 0.5cm but I think it will do the trick. Also I have added some chains to the barrel of the gun and trimmed down an undivided icon to cast a banner to hang from it. Now i just have to hope that it turns out alright :)

Next up is the shield on the right side and I also have some chains to hang between the crotch plate and tabard which will have skulls dangling from the ends. You can never have too many skulls!

C&C welcome as always.


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Renegade Knight Carapace

Morning all!

I have done most of the work on the carapace, it just needs the metal bars and hand holds added but I'll be cheating a little bit and spraying them silver before giving them a wash of Nuln Oil. Again I've changed the colour of the stripe from orange to red to allow it to fit it more consistently with my Word Bearers. 

Chest Plate Added And More Details On The Leg Plates

Afternoon (again!)

And it's my second update for the day with the completion of the leg armour and some work done on the chest plate. Only the decal left to be added to the scroll work on the chest plate.

Although I am trying to follow the box art for my Renegade Knight as I think it looks pretty epic in those colours, I have made a slight variation by choosing Khorne Red highlighted with Mephiston Red for the stripes on the knee plates and elsewhere. This is because I want her (that's right 'her') to match up with both my Heresy and 40k Word Bearers armies.

Nearly Finished With With The Renegade Knight's Lower Half!

So this morning I was up pretty early and made a start on adding the details to the Renegade Knight's leg armour. I have also highlighted the grey areas with White Scar. The next step is to finish the Knight's left leg with decals and the bloody chaos icons that will cover the model, then we are onto the chest armour.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Work Continues...

I have added the leg plates and started work on those. I decided to go with silver trim so the model matches my Word Bearers a bit more. I will be painting this in a modified scheme similar to the Renegade Knight on the Imperial Knights: Renegade box cover.

Sorry for the terrible picture but light is leaving the sky...

Renegade Knight - Base Completed

I did a little more work this morning on the base. I actually had a little luck with it because I had painted the polystyrene in a grey paint first in the hope that the spray wouldn't melt it away and I would have to start all over again. The fortunate thing about this was that the paint didn't stop it melting entirely but enough that the surface was roughed up sufficiently to give it a much more realistic rock effect. We live and learn...


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

More Work On The Renegade

I spent a little extra time today cutting a rock from polystyrene to go under the Knights foot. I think it's turned out quite well.

Start of the Chaos Renegade Knight

So after having success with the first Imperial Knight I am now starting work on the Renegade Knight. The first was so much fun to paint and I managed to complete that In a weekend. I'm going to put a lot more work into the Renegade, repositioning the legs and going to town on the base.

So repositioning the leg was actually fairly simple. The main issues were with the piston and cabling around the hips. I cut down the piston and placed it further forward but I think the position is correct for the placement of the leg. As I don't own a greenstuff cable maker (may take you up on that offer Raz) I decided to cut the large cable at the back into two and then drill out the ends and add some old guitar wire to look like damaged/stripped cabling.

I used the cloak from Forgeworld's Khorne Lord Zhufor as a banner around the crotch plate. I think its worked pretty well and adds a bit more movement to the model.


Imperial Knight of House Terryn